Anselm Kiefer, March Sand V, 1977, Markischer Sand V, Twenty-five double-page photographic images, with sand,oil, and glue, mounted on card board and bound, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Saul, New York.


Reports | Policy Forums


COVID-19 vaccination in the time of austerity: how and for whom?” (with Pascale Salameh), Arab Reform Initiative, January 15 (also translated into Arabic)


Covid-19, trust and rising economic challenges in the Arab world,” Economic Research Forum (policy portal), December 22 (with Ishac Diwan)

Difficult trade-offs in response to COVID-19: the case for open and inclusive decision-making,” December. Technical report for the World Health Organization ( with Ole F. Norheim, Liam Kofi Bright, Kristine Bærøe, Octávio L. M. Ferraz, Siri Gloppen, and Alex Voorhoeve)

Towards a Zero-COVID Lebanon: a call for action,” Arab Reform Initiative, October 5

  • written with a group of health experts/concerned citizens
  • first report of the “Independent Lebanese Committee for the Elimination of COVID-19” that addresses the Lebanese government’s lack of comprehensive strategy and highlights several directions for a better and more coherent national strategy
  • Arabic version published in Arab Reform Initiative, October 10
  • French version : “Pour une stratégie ‘zéro Covid’ au Liban,L’Orient-Le Jour, October 10

The socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 on Lebanon: A crisis within crises,” European Institute of the Mediterranean, no. 19, June (with Ishac Diwan)

Managing Covid-19 in the time of revolution,” Arab Reform Initiative, May 7, (with Ishac Diwan)

Killer Lockdowns,” Economic Research Forum policy portal, April 21 (with Ishac Diwan)

Newspapers | Magazines


The vaccine roll-out in Lebanon: How to avoid another catastrophe?” Al-Mudun, February 18 (in Arabic)

Op-ed. “Covid-19 : L’idée du ‘passeport sanitaire’ n’est pas nouvelle, mais au XIXe siècle, son but était tout autre,” Le Monde, February 11 (in French)


A Global history of psychiatry through the lens of ‘Asfuriyyeh“, Bidayat Magazine, December (issue no. 28-29), 134-142 (in Arabic)

Op-ed. “Face à la crise sanitaire, une solidarité citoyenne plus que jamais nécessaire,” L’Orient-Le Jour, Septembre 5 (in French)

Letter from Beirut,” Boston Review, August 19

Middle East History in the Time of COVID-19: A Roundtable on Disease, Environment, and Medicine,” Jadaliyya, June 9

In poor countries, focus on protecting the elderly from Covid-19,” The Medium, April 10 (with Ishac Diwan)

Covid-19 and big data: A footnote,” The Medium, March 30

Cancer, catharsis et révolution au Liban,” L’Orient-Le Jour, March 14 (in French)

Cancer, Catharsis, and Corruption in Lebanon,” Jadaliyya, January 29

Book chapters

“Historiciser les Neurosciences.” In Neurosciences et société: Enjeux des savoirs et pratiques sur le cerveau, edited by Moutaud B. and Chamak B, 51-77. Paris: Armand Colin, 2014. (With Nikolas Rose). Link

Journal articles

The Covid‑19 caesura and the post‑pandemic future,” BioSocieties16(1) (February 2021): 142-156, doi: 10.1057/s41292-020-00212-6

Difficult trade-offs in response to COVID-19: the case for open and inclusive decision making,” Nature Medicine (2020) (with Ole F. Norheim, Liam Kofi Bright, Kristine Bærøe, Octávio L. M. Ferraz, Siri Gloppen & Alex Voorhoeve)

“Psychiatry in the Middle East: The Rebirth of Lunatic Asylums?” British Journal of Psychiatry International (2020): 1-4,

“Governing through the brain: neuropolitics, neuroscience and subjectivity.” Cambridge Anthropology 32 (1) (2014): 3-23. (With Nikolas Rose). PDF

“From brain to neuro: the Brain Research Association and the making of British neuroscience, 1965-1996.” Journal of the History of the Neurosciences 21 (2012): 1–25. PDF

“The birth of the neuromolecular gaze.” History of the Human Sciences 23(1) (2010): 11-26. (With Nikolas Rose). PDF

“Post-war mental health, wealth and justice.” Traumatology (special issue on History, Memory and Trauma) 15(3) (2009): 13-22. PDF

“The Implications of Memory Research and Memory-Erasing Pills: A Conversation with Yadin Dudai.” BioSocieties 4 (1) (2009): 79-90. (With Yadin Dudai).

“The implications of the new brain sciences.” European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Reports 9 (12) (2008): 1158-62. Link

Book reviews

Review of As The World Ages: Rethinking a Demographic Crisis by Kavita Sivaramakrishnan in Medicine, Anthropology, Theory (February 2019) [Link]

Review of Being Brains: Making the Cerebral Subject by Fernando Vidal and Francesco Ortega in Isis: A Journal of the History of Science Society109 (4) (December 2018): 819–820. [Link]

Review of Traces of the Future: An Archaeology of Medical Science in Africa edited by Paul Wenzel Geissler, Guillaume Lachenal, John Manton, and Noémi Tousignant in Medicine, Anthropology, Theory (March 22, 2017). [Link]

Review of Unnatural History: Breast Cancer and American Society by Robert A. Aronowitz in Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science 5 (1) (September 30, 2011): 79–82. [Link]