Richard Mudariki, Reading the Fake News Times, 2019 (Contemporary African Art Fair, New York).

Newspapers| Magazines (selected)


The Tragic Downfall of ‘Aṣfūriyyeh (The Lebanon Hospital for the Insane)“, The MIT Press Reader, Jan 19


Frantz Fanon and the crisis of mental health in the Arab world,” Psyche/Aeon magazine, June 23

Op-ed. « La confiance dans l’autorité publique à l’ère du Covid-19» (Trust in Public authorities in the age of Covid-19) Libération, June 17 (with Ishac Diwan) (in French)

The vaccine roll-out in Lebanon: how to avoid another catastropheAl-Mudun, February 18, (in Arabic)

Op-ed. “Covid-19 : L’idée du ‘passeport sanitaire’ n’est pas nouvelle, mais au XIXe siècle, son but était tout autre,” (The idea of ​​a Covid-19 vaccine passport is not new, but in the 19th century its purpose was quite different), Le Monde, February 11  (in French)

Cholera to COVID-19, The ‘Immunity Passport’ Debate Is Back,” World Crunch


A Global History of Psychiatry Through the Lens of ‘Asfuriyyeh,” Bidayat Magazine, December (issue no. 28-29), 134-142 (in Arabic)

« Pour une stratégie ‘zéro Covid’ au Liban » (For a Zero-Covid strategy in Lebanon) L’Orient-Le Jour, October 10 (with Issa N, Khalife J, Salameh P, Karra-Aly A and Kosremelli-Asmar M) (in French)

Face à la crise sanitaire, une solidarité citoyenne plus que jamais nécessaire” (Amid the health crisis, citizen solidarity is more necessary than ever), L’Orient-Le Jour, Septembre 5  (in French)

Op-ed. « L’école au Liban, une ‘longue histoire de rivalités entre puissances étrangères », (Schools in Lebanon, a long history of rivalry between various foreign powers), Le Monde, Septembre 1 (in French)

Letter from Beirut,” Boston Review, August 19

Middle East History in the Time of Covid-19: A Roundtable on Disease, Environment, and Medicine,” Jadaliyya, June 9

In poor countries, focus on protecting the elderly from Covid-19,” The Medium, April 10 (with Ishac Diwan)

Covid-19 and Big Data: A Footnote,” The Medium, March 30 and published in “From Data to Wisdom. Philosophizing Data Visualizations in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity (13th-17th Century),” Institute of Philosophy at the University of Porto, Portugal, May 26.

« Cancer, catharsis et révolution au Liban », (Cancer, Catharsis, and Revolution in Lebanon), L’Orient-Le Jour, March 14  (in French)

Cancer, Catharsis, and Corruption in Lebanon,Jadaliyya, January 29