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Frantz Fanon and the crisis of mental health in the Arab world,” Psyche/Aeon Magazine, June 23

Op-ed. “La confiance dans l’autorité publique à l’ère du Covid-19Libération, June 17 (with Ishac Diwan) (in French)

The vaccine roll-out in Lebanon: How to avoid another catastrophe?” Al-Mudun, February 18 (in Arabic)

Op-ed. “Covid-19 : L’idée du ‘passeport sanitaire’ n’est pas nouvelle, mais au XIXe siècle, son but était tout autre,” Le Monde, February 11 (in French)


A Global history of psychiatry through the lens of ‘Asfuriyyeh“, Bidayat Magazine, December (issue no. 28-29), 134-142 (in Arabic)

Op-ed. “Face à la crise sanitaire, une solidarité citoyenne plus que jamais nécessaire,” L’Orient-Le Jour, Septembre 5 (in French)

Op-ed. “L’école au Liban, une ‘longue histoire de rivalités entre puissances étrangèresLe Monde, Septembre 1 (in French)

Letter from Beirut,” Boston Review, August 19

Middle East History in the Time of COVID-19: A Roundtable on Disease, Environment, and Medicine,” Jadaliyya, June 9

In poor countries, focus on protecting the elderly from Covid-19,” The Medium, April 10 (with Ishac Diwan)

Covid-19 and big data: A footnote,” The Medium, March 30

Cancer, catharsis et révolution au Liban,” L’Orient-Le Jour, March 14 (in French)

Cancer, Catharsis, and Corruption in Lebanon,” Jadaliyya, January 29

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Podcast: Interview with Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou on the Archipelago/Movement Radio, July 10

LBCI TV show, “Vision 2030”, Episode 17: “Covid-19 vaccination end of a nightmare?”, February, 16 (in Arabic)

The East is a Podcast”: a reading of a modified excerpt of chapter 5 from ʿAṣfūriyyeh: A History of Madness, Modernity, and War in the Middle East, February 8


Video abstract for “Psychiatry in the Middle East: the rebirth of lunatic asylums?” British Journal of Psychiatry International,” December

The East is a Podcast” interview on the publication of ʿAṣfūriyyeh: A History of Madness, Modernity, and War in the Middle East, November 27, 2020